Nine Months of Hustle: From the Beginning to Now

Nine Months of Hustle: From the Beginning to Now | The things I did to survive.

Well, technically it has been about 10 month-ish I think when things kinda fell apart… or it kinda felt like they did. You know, life… it just happens every now and then, and if anything, there’s much to be grateful for, for those life-moments, because that is one time when we truly realize that our lives aren’t necessarily always in our control. This is the time to reflect and realign, be patient, and learn to be patient, generous, kind, hard working, determined, hopeful… etc. Well, I’m not sure exactly how much the last 9/10 months have taught me, but I’d like to think I’ve learned at least some things about life in general.

Putting aside life for now, let’s look at the hustle part of it for the sake of this post. In today’s post, I will talk about what I did that kept me afloat, enabled me to pay some bills (I did miss a few, not gonna lie), and buy food (which included the most Ramen I’ve ever eaten in my life). But still, here I am, and life is significantly improved by the grace of the Almighty. My friend is still helping me with a super discounted rent for his spare bedroom, and I am still eating quite a bit of ramen and a ton of bananas, but at least I am eating, and I’m not constantly terrified. Still hustling, still unsure when the next paycheck will be deposited in the bank, but life is… for better words, significantly improved from the way things were, say, 9/10 month-ish ago.

I won’t talk about the struggle part, I just don’t like talking about them. Some people prefer being transparent, I however, like to maintain a certain amount of opaqueness, if you’ll allow me, please. Instead, I’ll jump into the part where I talk about how I hustled, what I did, steps I took, etc. Continue reading “Nine Months of Hustle: From the Beginning to Now”