5 Design Tips: What Should Your Blog Look Like in 2017?

Here are some blog design trends to look out for in 2017

While the big names out there are putting out 2017 web design trends, I have conducted my own research! A few of the things I mention here are my own thoughts that I, as a designer and developer, would like to see done more across the World Wide Web, especially across personal blogs. Few others are trends I have read on other platforms, or just things I have noticed lately. Either way, I think it is safe to say that the 5 things I mention below are as evergreen as they come, and really, just good design practices than anything else! I’m simply hoping that more and more designers will educate themselves in these fields this year to improve upon their trade. Continue reading “5 Design Tips: What Should Your Blog Look Like in 2017?”

Blog Launch Checklist: Responsive Layout Design and Typography

Blog Launch Checklist: Responsive Layout Design and Typography (Download pdf Checklist)

May be it is because I’m a designer and developer myself that I do certain things that non-designers/developers do not. Things such as resizing browser width as soon as I have clicked on a new website or blog to see if all elements are responding to the changing browser width. The prettier a blog, the harsher I judge them. Can’t help it! So here I am, trying to think of blog post ideas for when I relaunch, and I figured, why not talk about this as part of the first-10-intro-posts or something? (I am terrible at small talk, so there, no introductory post on my blog. We go straight into business!)


Thing is, I get it, you know! Unless you are a designer/developer, especially a developer, you won’t probably change your browser width ever! But what if your reader IS a developer? Hmm? What’d you do then? Even if you are a non-techie person, there are some things you should probably know, and test, before you launch your website/blog. It is not just so you can please the eyes of the tech-gurus and blog-police, but you’ll be doing yourself a favor if you take care of these ten things on your website/blog. With just these ten things, your website is going to look that much more professional! Continue reading “Blog Launch Checklist: Responsive Layout Design and Typography”