About Me

I am Maliha. Welcome to Usual Habitat, the Studio — a design, development, and virtual assisting studio for fellow bloggers!

I love working with new-ish bloggers and entrepreneurs who are still learning the game of blogging and social media and all that comes with it. Big names, big brands and big teams are not my cup of tea. I’m a solo show all on my own here, and prefer to work with similar people in similar circumstances, as in, small business owners, solopreneurs, personal bloggers with a niche in lifestyle, food, travel, fashion etc. but just starting out, just getting their first foot forward. I am a sincere and hard working, FAST working individual and my clients will vouch for that!

So, if you’re a new-ish face in the blogging game or not necessarily new, but small enough that you are not considered a BIG FISH, then I’d love to work for you! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against establishment or anything, I’m just an introverted person, and feel the most comfortable when people are more in the same league…

Please check out Work with Me to see what you could hire me for!

About this Blog

Expect posts related to blog design and development, virtual assisting, good design practices, tips and tricks, and just my personal hustle stories!

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