Case Study: A Blog Design Project for a Holistic Nutrition Specialist

A Case Study for my most recent blog design project for a certified holistic nutritional consultant.

Approximately a month ago I landed a gig (from Melyssa Griffin’s Blog + Biz BFFs Facebook group) designing a WordPress based blog for a certified holistic nutritional consultant, Randall Marie Heilik. I am still pretty green when it comes to blog design (this being my second official gig) for actual clients. I’ve always made my own blogs and hardly ever adhere to any graphic or web-design strict “rules”. If you couldn’t tell just by looking at this blog, I don’t know what else would.

But you cannot always just throw the rules away when it comes to client work, I am mature enough to understand that at least. However, at the same time, I do not want to work on projects that I am not passionate about to a certain degree. Randall’s concept was interesting for me. I have always been interested in natural food, and even considered taking some courses on natural diet at one point in my life. Well, that never happened…

Anyhow, point is, I was curious. I had no clue what holistic nutrition consisted of, and at first it felt like a challenge. I did with Randall what I had done with my previous client — asked her to fill up a Pinterest board with her favorite images, images she felt connected to/attracted to. I hoped this would give me some idea as to where to even begin! 

HealthyFirsts blog design for a certified holistic nutrition consultant.The process turned out to be way simpler than I thought it would be. First, Randall already had a logo designed. Which meant, more than half of the work was taken out of guesswork. Just looking at her logo I knew what the color palette would be (A vibrant green, and something a bit muted and neutral to go with it). It also seemed like Randall preferred a minimalistic approach to her design, which was all nice and dandy, as I’m a huge fan of minimalism myself!

The next phase of the project was straight forward and technical and consisted of just… getting things done. The biggest hurdle was choosing a font. I wanted to choose something that would go nicely with the fonts that were used on her logo, will be different, but not too contrasty. I ended up choosing Merriweather and Lato because, well, you cannot go wrong with Merriweather and Lato… these are two of the highest quality, free fonts out there!

The rest was a breeze. Just code code code and code some more, and seeing how I always start with a customized version of Underscores theme to begin with, even the coding part was a breeze. The biggest factor was making sure the blog had a professional look, was elegant, yet minimalist, easy to maintain, and just overall fuss-free without being bland.

I sorta think I accomplished that! Feel free to visit Randall’s website HealthyFirsts. And of course, I am available for hire if you’d like to work with me. Just head over to the Work with Me page for a little more details on what you may expect, and then we can go from there!

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  1. Maliha was so easy to work with, zero micro-managing and all action, but she didn’t just hit the ground running, she listened first. I immediately connected with her fuss-free professional demeanor and from there I trusted her. I am very happy with her custom designed template for my blog HealthyFirsts. As someone with no coding or development experience, and no familiarity with WordPress I know I will be contacting her again for educational tutorials. She is very clear, doesn’t waste anytime and works extremely fast!
    Thank you Maliha (and Usual Habitat).
    -Randall, founder of HealthyFirsts early life nutritional consulting.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Randall. Working with you was a pleasure. Thank you for the opportunity; really, really appreciate it! 🙂

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